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Sections of Infrastructure Strategy for Aotearoa related to Transport – June 2021




The Infrastructure Commission has released a consultation document as part of their work to develop a 30-year strategy for New Zealand’s infrastructure.

The document sets out the Commission’s proposed vision for the future of infrastructure development, some areas for action, and options for change.

In this submission, the NTCF Transport group has only focused on transport related issues – transporting goods and people.

While the overall direction of the Infrastructure paper is good, its major shortcomings are that it moves far too slowly with the proposed actions leaving most of the “heavy lifting” too close to the 2050 deadline for zero emissions. We have to start much sooner and much more aggressively to get our emissions down so that we are not stuck with impossible emission reductions in the last decade before 2050.

While there is some focus in the document on the reduction of activities (eg transport), there is still an overriding focus on economic growth,  which is not sustainable. Reduction of business as usual is already part of the document where the focus is on more effective use of existing infrastructure rather than building more infrastructure. This should be pursued more forcefully as not only does it make for a healthier lifestyle (eg active transport) but it also results in considerable savings that can then be channeled into thriving rather than growing.

See the full submission here: Sections of Infrastructure Strategy for Aotearoa related to Transport – June 2021

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