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The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum


Leadership Group

In order to lead his actions according to the Charter, the Forum has appointed a Leadership group. This group is composed by appointed members of the Forum, representatives of Nelson City Council and Tasman District Councils, and Iwi representatives.

The Leadership group current composition is the following:

Eight Forum members

Astrid Sayer (youth seat)

Barb Robson

David Ayre

Gemma Hogan

Jace Hobbs

John-Paul Pochin

Nate Wilbourne (youth seat)

Robin Schiff

Councils representatives

Mayor Nick Smith and Deputy Mayor Rohan O’Neill-Stevens (NCC)

Councillors Trindi Walker and Celia Butler (TDC)

Daniela Ramirez and Rachel Pemberton (NCC Staff)

Anna Gerraty, Barbara Lewando and Yulia Panfylova (TDC Staff)

Iwi representatives

Dayveen Stephens (Ngāti Tama Ki Te Tauihu)


Michael Burton

Forum Co-Chairs

Joanna Santa Barbara

Harvey Ruru


Peter Lawless

Deputy Co-Chair

Chris Wheatley

Our Team

The Forum is lucky to count on the presence of one designated Co-Chair and three dedicated staff members, working all a few hours a week to help the Forum keep on track.


Joanna Santa Barbara

Joanna is our designated Chair. She brings us all together and holds the big picture in focus.


Marlène Moreau

Marlene ensures the Forum community is running smoothly. She works closely with the Chair to send out meeting agendas, ensure minutes and submissions are shared, and welcome people to our hui.


Louise Perzigian

Louise is our communication expert  behind the newsletter and our social media. She’s always looking for stories to share about climate action in our community.

Volunteer and Project support

Christina Simkanin

Christina welcomes new members and supports volunteers across various groups and projects. She links up initiatives and ideas across the whole Forum, and helps transform these into action.

Members and Volunteers

We would be nothing without our members and volunteers.

There are so many ways to get involved. From running projects and groups to sharing time and knowledge, there’s a place and a purpose for everyone in the Forum. Want to get involved? Go here

The Climate Action Book

The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum offers this plan for every citizen of our region — for individuals, households, businesses, farmers, schools and colleges, religious organisations, councils and iwi. We also hope to help other parts of Aotearoa to develop their own Climate Action Plans and contribute to the development of Climate Action Plans around the world.


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