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The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum


What we do

The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum is a community-led initiative open to everyone.

We aim to get everyone in our climate change response waka paddling quickly in the same direction.

Our mission is to weave individuals, households, civil society organizations, businesses, councils and iwi together around urgent, strategic action on climate change in the Nelson-Tasman region.

More specifically, we want to enable, empower, and support Nelson-Tasman communities to achieve the following Goals:

  • Rapidly reduce our region’s greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration and undertake other climate stabilising initiatives, consistent with the urgency of the situation.
  • Adapt to the likely adverse environmental effects of climate change and the resulting social and cultural effects, using inclusive and responsible decision-making to support these desirable outcomes.
  • Respond to climate change in a way that recognises the rights of all living organisms, including people, and provides for a just, equitable, and resilient society.

Find our purpose statement, our goals and commitments and as well as how we intend to work together, further described in our CHARTER.

If you feel aligned to us and want to joins us as a member, please sign our Charter.

How to become a Member

A brief history of The Forum, from our Co-Chair Joanna Santa Barbara

Structural documents

The Climate Action Book

The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum offers this plan for every citizen of our region — for individuals, households, businesses, farmers, schools and colleges, religious organisations, councils and iwi. We also hope to help other parts of Aotearoa to develop their own Climate Action Plans and contribute to the development of Climate Action Plans around the world.


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