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We regularly screen the submission opportunities published on national and local government websites to identify those of potential interest to the Forum.

Hereafter is a list of the current submissions that we have identified.

Feel free to answer them as an individual or, better, share them within your group, or at the whole Forum level, so it could give them more weight.

If you plan to draft a group or forum-level submission please advise the Forum coordinator ( so that we can share it and get prepared for a larger endorsement, following the procedure described below.

Whatever the way, remember that individual submissions are an excellent complement to group and forum-level submission, and that draft group and forum-level submissions are an important resource for individual submission writers.

The following tips for preparing effective submissions are offered to us by NCC and TDC representatives who have presented and read many submissions.

  1. Group submissions are looked at more closely than individual submissions
  2. Aggressive submissions are more likely to be ignored, as are simple statements that you don’t like something and made without any backup. EXAMPLE: “We don’t want a rates rise”.
  3. Please Investigate: use suggestions like “please investigate this further” and “consider these alternatives.” These are much more useful than agressive submissions.
  4. Large numbers of submissions: When there are many submissions (e.g., submissions to central government) they are mainly looked at by a method called scanning. This involves looking at the headings, and then looking at the detail if the heading introduces a different perspective compared to submissions that have already been read. To take advantage of this write good headings.
  5. Keep submissions short and stick with the format required by the submission. If the submission is based on a series of questions, then stick to those question while working in any missing key points (e.g., questions you consider are missing and should be addressed). Then work those points into the most appropriate submission question. Some councils only count points related to the questions so make sure you at least have an answer to those.
  6. Key point highlighted by bolding and or bullet points, followed by reasons or evidence for that key point, followed up by suitable references (preferably from academic peer reviewed publications).
  7. If bold text doesn’t work in the answer boxes then consider using bold facing (and other fonts) from dozens of font conversion websites such as
  8. Positive feedback is very helpful: It’s important to praise good statements made in the submission background documents. The more innovative councils and government departments often make good points in relation to climate change but they experience considerable push-back from people who don’t want to see those changes. You need to anticipate pushbacks because after the submission has closed there is no point then saying that you really supported that scenario.
  9. All submissions are valuable no matter how brief, even if only to counter a submitter who does not believe in or support action to minimise climate change.
To obtain forum endorsement for a submission, please follow these steps:

  1. People leading the writing of a submission finish a first draft at least 3 weeks before the submission date, allowing at least a week for collaborators to provide input.
  2. Send an email to inform our forum coordinator that your draft is ready. The coordinator will invite charter signatories to propose additions and/or revisions to the lead writers within 5 days.
  3. Lead writers incorporate additions/revisions proposed by charter signatories within 3 days.
  4. Lead writers make the final draft available to charter signatories through the Coordinator.
  5. Charter signatories with objections contact the lead writers within 5 days.
  6. If no objections are received the final version can be presented as a Forum-endorsed submission. If the final draft does not receive consensus approval, the submission can be made by the drafting group or individual.
If you would like to share with us an opportunity for submission on a text that you feel is important for its climate implications, and possibly have the support of the Forum as a whole, please let us know by sharing it with us here.

Current and Past

Richmond on the Rise

We need to provide a strong voice supporting up not out, especially as an opposition group has arisen who will no doubt also be submitting.  Richmond on the Rise is…

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Nelson City and Tasman District Councils Joint Waste Minimisation Plan Review

NCC and TDC want feedback on their joint Waste Minimisation Plan. Give them your feedback before Dec 15th.
Find out more

Helping nature and people thrive – Exploring a biodiversity credit system for Aotearoa New Zealand

The Government is exploring whether a biodiversity credit system could help to incentivise the protection and restoration of native wildlife in Aotearoa New Zealand. Make a submission before Nov 3rd.
Find out more

Nelson Freshwater Draft Plan

As a part of the Essential Freshwater package Nelson City Council are required to develop a new freshwater plan for the region by December 2024, and they are consulting now with the public. Submissions due by 25th August.
Find out more

Exploring a biodiversity credit system for Aotearoa New Zealand

The Government is exploring whether a biodiversity credit system could help to incentivise the protection and restoration of native wildlife in Aotearoa New Zealand. Have your say before 5pm Nov 3rd.
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Tasman’s 10-Year Plan 2024 – 2034

Setting our priorities for the next 10 years
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A redesigned NZ ETS Permanent Forest Category

Which forests should be allowed into the permanent forest category? How should transition forests be managed to ensure they transition and reduce the financial risks to participants? How should permanent forests be managed? The Govt. wants your views. Due 11 August
Find out more

Rethink Waste

Nelson City and Tasman District Councils are asking for input into how we can help mitigate climate change through waste minimisation
Find out more

ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) Review

This Ministry for the Environment review is in response to the Climate Change Commission's recommendation that the NZ ETS provide more robust support for gross emissions reductions and manage the amount of exotic forest planting driven by the scheme.
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Nature and Climate Group’s submission to the NCC “Right Tree Right Place” Task Force.

Right Tree, Right Place, Right Price Nelson City Council RTRP Task Force, June 2023 Vision The hills of Nelson are clothed with thriving native forests, ringing with birdsong, humming with…

Find out more

Consultation on a biodiversity credit system

Ecosystems and the biodiversity they contain are natural carbon sinks. MOE and DOC are consulting on whether a biodiversity credit system should be introduced for New Zealand
Find out more

Annual updates to the NZ ETS

The NZ ETS is a key tool in the government’s climate change response toolbox. It supports Aotearoa New Zealand to meet its emissions reduction goals by putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions. Deadline is 5pm Friday 16th June
Find out more

Taxation Bill

A fair and just transition to carbon neutral includes a fair taxation system
Find out more

Inquiry into seabed mining in New Zealand

This NZ Parliament will examine the potential benefits and risks of seabed mining in New Zealand, and whether changes to New Zealand’s domestic regulatory framework are required. Climate change links: seabed mining produces high levels of carbon emissions, also creates risk of sediment disturbance releasing stored carbon.
Find out more

Land Transport Management (Regulation of Public Transport) Amendment Bill

DEADLINE IS 28.4.2023 Description: The chairperson of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee is calling for submissions on the Land Transport Management (Regulation of Public Transport) Amendment Bill. This bill proposes…

Find out more

Forestry in the ETS: Second set of proposed cost recovery fees and charges

DEADLINE IS 3.5.2023 This submission opportunity is relevant to NTCF as it involves the NZ carbon emission trading scheme Description: The Ministry for Primary Industries is seeking feedback on changes…

Find out more

Consenting improvements for renewable electricity generation and transmission

DEADLINE IS 1.6.2023 Description: The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment along with the Ministry for the Environment is asking for feedback on proposals to strengthen government direction for consenting…

Find out more

Call for information on aquatic herbicides

DEADLINE IS 28.6.2023 This submission opportunity is relevant to NTCF because we need healthy waterways to help mitigate climate change Description: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are seeking information on how…

Find out more

Tasman Environmental Plan

Please click on the image below to access the document. December 2022

Find out more

Tasman Climate Response Strategy and Action Plan

DEADLINE - 5.5.2023. Tasman District Council has prepared a draft Tasman Climate Response Strategy and Action Plan, which outlines the Council’s proposed response to climate change for the next 10…

Find out more

Let’s rethink waste

Nelson and Tasman are reviewing their shared waste plan. The councils have set a goal of reducing waste to landfill by 10% per person by 2030, and they are looking…

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Support Sustainable Transport: The NZ E-bike Rebate

Sign this petition here. "We are calling for the New Zealand Government to provide a rebate for the purchase of an electric bike. The Clean Car rebate has most benefited…

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Whakatū Nelson Annual Plan 2023-2024

DEADLINE IS 30.4.2023 The NCC Annual plan includes planning around taxation funding for repairing existing and future Climate Change related damage in Whakatū Nelson. Description: In 2021 NCC asked for…

Find out more

Tasman Coastal Group – Mapping of Structures and Activities

LOCAL INPUT NEEDED Council is working on mapping all the structures and activities in the coastal environment.  As you are all well aware, there is a lot happening in Tasman’s…

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Māpua Streets for People project survey

SURVEY Roads which cater to pedestrians and cyclists instead of just cars and trucks will help cut carbon emissions thereby helping mitigate climate change. Description: Safe, healthy, and vibrant spaces…

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Enabling investment in offshore renewable energy

DEADLINE IS 14.4.2023 Description:MBIE is consulting on options for enabling activities to see what is achievable in New Zealand waters. The Government has committed to developing regulatory settings by 2024…

Find out more

Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Legislation Bill

DEADLINE IS 29.3.2023 at 5pmDescription:The Chairperson of the Governance and Administration Committee is calling for submissions on the Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Legislation BillThe Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Legislation Bill…

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Joining the International Solar Alliance (ISA)

DEADLINE IS 30.3.2023Description:Submissions are invited on the examination of an agreement which would enable New Zealand to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA). The ISA is an inter-governmental organisation which…

Find out more

Climate Change Response Amendment Bill

DEADLINE is 6.4.2023 Description: The Environment Committee is calling for submissions on the Climate Change Response (Late Payment Penalties and Industrial Allocation) Amendment Bill. This bill seeks to amend provisions…

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Ecological impact assessment guideline for Waka Kotahi projects

PAST SUBMISSION (Deadline was 6.3.2023) Waka Kotahi is responsible for development and maintenance of our transport network across the country. Construction of new infrastructure and the maintenance, improvement and use…

Find out more

Improving market governance of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

PAST SUBMISSION (Deadline was 27.2.23) Description: The Ministry for the Environment is extending the deadline for submissions on market governance proposals for the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS).…

Find out more

NZ Emissions trading scheme oversight Bill

PAST SUBMISSION (Deadline was 24.12.2022) The Government is engaging with stakeholders about its proposals to improve governance of the market for New Zealand Units (NZU). This engagement seeks feedback on…

Find out more

Right to Repair – Petition

Are you frustrated that products aren’t made to last and when they break, they are not repairable? You are not alone! Repair Cafe Aotearoa New Zealand invites you to express…

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Sections of Infrastructure Strategy for Aotearoa related to Transport – June 2021

COMPLETED - FORUM GROUP ENDORSED   The Infrastructure Commission has released a consultation document as part of their work to develop a 30-year strategy for New Zealand's infrastructure. The document sets out the Commission's proposed…

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Pricing Agricultural Emissions – November 2022

Thanks to a collective effort, and the excellent coordination work of Joanna Santa Barbara, David Ayre and David Bartle, Forum members, we are proud to share with you the submission…

Find out more

Nelson Tasman Future Development Strategy – April 2022

The Nelson Tasman 2022-2052 Future Development Strategy is a joint project between Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council to develop and deliver a new FDS. The FDS assesses and…

Find out more

Managing exotic afforestation incentives by changing the forestry settings in the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme – April 2022

Thanks to the work of Fiona Ede and Rachel Samson, who are our 2 champions for this submission, we are proud to have been able to add our thought to…

Find out more

TDC Walking and Cycling Strategy – February 2022

The NTCF Transport group believe the Walking and Cycling strategy from the TDC is ground-breaking for NZ.  While similar bold initiatives have been undertaken by other city councils (eg Taranaki…

Find out more

Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Bill – November 2021

The purpose of the Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Bill is to reduce the overall amount of carbon dioxide produced by cars in New Zealand. It would aim to increase…

Find out more

Nelson and Tasman long term plans – April 2021

The Forum had the opportunity to give an answer to this major consultation for our Region.See the comments to the Submission here: Submission of the Nelson Tasman Climate Forum on…

Find out more

Resource and Waste Submission to Climate Change Commission – March 2021

This submission supports the submission from the Nelson Tasman Climate Forum which covers theissues of climate change over a wider set of issues. This submission also supports the extensive jointsubmission…

Find out more

Emission Reduction Plan – December 2021

Thanks to a collective effort, and the excellent coordination work of Joanna Santa Barbara, we are proud to share with you the submission about the Emission Reduction Plan, endorsed by…

Find out more

Tasman Environment Plan

Description: The creation of the Tasman Environment Plan is a once-in-a-generation chance to shape our future development and protect our natural environment. Now is the time to have your say.…

Find out more

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