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Climate and Councils podcasts – Weekly podcasts and episodes from 13th June – 3rd October 2022


Local Climate Change Champion and Strategist Lindsay Woods, member of the Forum, interviews.

Sixteen experts answer critical climate questions for communities and local bodies ahead of October’s council elections. Resilienz Climate Trust offers a remarkable series as full interviews via main podcast platforms, or as condensed “Climate Matters” radio shows on FreshFM.

Local Government is in a very hot seat on climate strategy, including driving many policies set by central government (e.g. public transport, urban design, coastal management). But globally, councils have long trails of failed aspirational climate policies, and our local councils are no exception.

Resilienz Climate Trust and FreshFM are privileged to offer this major series to help inform citizens and candidates on key climate issues in the run up to NZ’s 2022 local body elections. Listen to high-calibre specialists share their insights in response to questions put by host Lindsay Wood.

Access individual podcasts of full interviews from the link here (updated weekly). To listen to condensed radio shows use “download the schedule” for dates, frequencies and a link to FreshFM

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