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Sea level rise: we have less time to act than we thought, by Tim Naish – RECORDING

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Tim Naish is Professor in Earth Sciences, at the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University. He has leadership roles on the world climate research programme, the scientific committee on Antarctic research and the Antarctic science platform. He has extensively researched sea level rise resulting from global warming of oceans and ice melting, including melting of the Antarctic ice sheets. Tim co-leads the NZ Sea Rise Research Programme working with 30 experts to provide specific estimates of expected sea level rise. This work connects vertical land movement data with climate-driven sea level rise data to forecast locally relevant sea level changes. It includes site specific forecasts for Nelson and Tasman. The SeaRise website is here;

In this webinar Tim clearly explains the implications for Nelson and Tasman of sea level rise and land movement. The evidence presented shows the need for urgent action.

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