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Joining the International Solar Alliance (ISA)

DEADLINE IS 30.3.2023
Description:Submissions are invited on the examination of an agreement which would enable New Zealand to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA). The ISA is an inter-governmental organisation which aims to develop and share solar energy expertise to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels It was established by India and France in 2015 following the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee is undertaking the international treaty examination of the Framework Agreement on the establishment of the International Solar Alliance. New Zealand is required to sign and ratify the agreement to join the alliance. The agreement has so far been signed by 110 countries, including nine Pacific Island countries.

Read the full content of the agreement and the national interest analysis here.

How to make a submission:

To make a submission, go to the NZ Parliament webpage here, scroll down and click one the “I am ready to make my submission” box

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