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Let’s rethink waste


Nelson and Tasman are reviewing their shared waste plan. The councils have set a goal of reducing waste to landfill by 10% per person by 2030, and they are looking for public input for directing this initiative.

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Why: “New Zealand is one of the highest generators of waste per person in the world, every year producing about 750kg per person. At home, we only recycle and compost about one-third of household waste,” Environment Minister David Parker said.

Central government is also working on transforming our waste systems. Its goals are exciting:
From 2024: Standardise materials collected from household recycle bins nationwide
From 2027: All urban areas (1000 people plus) will have curb side recycle services
From 2030: Make food scraps collection available to all urban households

To keep abreast of the Ministry’s waste strategy, scroll down to the “Stay Up To Date” section on this page:

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