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Land Transport Management (Regulation of Public Transport) Amendment Bill


DEADLINE IS 28.4.2023


The chairperson of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee is calling for submissions on the Land Transport Management (Regulation of Public Transport) Amendment Bill.

This bill proposes to establish a Sustainable Public Transport Framework to replace the Public Transport Operating Model. The new framework would guide planning, procurement, and delivery of public transport services, to address systemic issues affecting the sector.

Specifically, it includes new objectives that would prioritise:

  • supporting mode-shift and the transition from private motor vehicles to public transport services.
  • ensuring fair and equitable treatment of employees.
  • supporting improved environmental and health outcomes.
  • providing value for money and efficiency from public transport investment.

View the bill here.

How to make a submission:

To make a submission, go to the NZ Parliament page here, scroll down and click on the “I am ready to make my submission” box.

  • Submissions are publicly released and published to the Parliament website. Only your name or organisation’s name is required on a submission. Please keep your contact details separate, as if they are included on the submission they will become publicly available when the submission is released.
  • If you wish to include information of a private or personal nature in your submission you should discuss this with the clerk of the committee before submitting.
  • If you wish to speak to your submission, please state this clearly.

If you have any questions about your submission or the submission process please contact the Committee Staff:

Committee Secretariat
Transport and Infrastructure Committee
Parliament Buildings

Phone:04 817 9520

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