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Your money has Eco Power! – Barry Coates – Webinar recording

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Your money has Eco Power!

Find out about the carbon emissions of your savings and how YOU can make a difference. Are your savings working for the long-term good of our natural environment? Chances are your money is helping to fund oil and gas companies responsible for our worsening climate.

Find out how you can make your money work for the planet in this webinar with Mindful Money’s Barry Coates. Mindful Money recently made headlines for its latest report, Fossil Fuel Investment in Transition or in Denial?, which showed that banks and investment funds are actually increasing their investment in oil and gas companies for short-term financial gains.

Mr Coates provided us with an overview of the current financial situation in New Zealand, with advice on how our savings in KiwiSaver and investment funds can be directed towards sustainability and climate solutions.

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