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Richmond on the Rise


We need to provide a strong voice supporting up not out, especially as an opposition group has arisen who will no doubt also be submitting.  Richmond on the Rise is the easy-to-remember name for the Richmond Spatial Intensification Plan.

Richmond on the Rise builds on the high-level direction provided through the Nelson Tasman Future Development Strategy.

This plan combines everything TDC think we need to think about if we want Richmond to be a nicer place to live in the future, including:

– Making Richmond town centre a more vibrant and attractive place to be.

– Options for growing commercial areas, including mixed use commercial, office and residential buildings in the Richmond centre.

– Increase the number of people that can live in Richmond and make more housing choices available to them, including more one- or two-bedroom homes, potentially in apartments, townhouses and terrace houses.

– Upgrade and create community and neighbourhood facilities and centres that meet some needs, without having to travel into the town centre.

– Improving and creating more green open spaces.

– Upgrading transport options.

– Ensuring infrastructure can cope with more residents and the impacts of climate change.

You can get more detail on what TDC are proposing for All of Richmond here.

And you can get more detail on what they are proposing for the Richmond Town Centre here.

To view the document library related to this plan, find it on the TDC webpage here

Give feedback on all of Richmond here.

Give feedback on the Richmond town centre here.

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