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Climate Action Book

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Nelson – Tasman

Created by Climate Forum members, the Climate Action Book is an elegantly drafted response to the problems of climate change, how it affects our region and what we can do about it.

The book aims to  bring all the pieces of the climate puzzle together and help our communities identify what they can do to help. Broken down into seven sections, the book takes a holistic approach to practices around:

  • What we grow and eat
  • What we make, buy and waste
  • How we get energy
  • Where we live and work
  • How we move ourselves and our stuff around
  • How we support nature and store carbon
  • How we stay healthy and connected

Each section provides practical guidance to our communities in Nelson Tasman – from a governance level, through business and local community organisations, to the individual at home.

This invaluable resource is completely free to download.


Join Us

Interested to be involved in this project and participate in the distribution of this book? Contact Christina, our Volunteer Coordinator at the following address:

She’ll be in touch with you soon.

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