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Call to Event ideas for Climate Action Week 2023

Last year’s first Climate Action Week was a success, so we decided to do it again!
We therefore invite you to make a small place in your diaries from May 26th to June 3rd.

As a reminder, this week aims to highlight the climate situation, the urgency to act, but also the multiple possibilities of action, and to weave links between the actors of solutions.

Last year, we were able to put a series of things in the spotlight, whether it was through webinars, exchanges with our elected officials, planting sites, biochar and composting demonstrations, the use of electric vehicles, repairs, or awareness through art, especially that of our children. Look here for a summary of last year’s event.

We want this year to be even more motivating and inspiring to tackle climate change. And we know that the community is full of initiatives in this direction (waste minimization, planet conscious cooking, plantation working bees, clothes swapping,…)

Would you or your organization like to organize or benefit from publicity around this week to highlight what you are doing for climate change? Do you have a suggestion for an activity that you would like to share with us? Get in touch now ( and we will send you the registration form so that your activity or idea can hopefully make it into our program.

We look forward to acting together and sharing ou solutions to the climate emergency 🙂

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