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Whakatū Nelson Annual Plan 2023-2024


DEADLINE IS 30.4.2023

The NCC Annual plan includes planning around taxation funding for repairing existing and future Climate Change related damage in Whakatū Nelson.


In 2021 NCC asked for your views on the Long Term Plan 2021–31, the ten-year budget for our city. This Long term plan covers the first three years in detail (the financial years 2021-2022, 2022-2023 and 2023-2024) and provides a higher-level look at the remaining years (2024-2025 to 2030-2031).

Every year NCC check if any changes are needed to the detailed budgets. The document that is produced is called the Annual Plan, and highlights the ‘exceptions” to the Long Term Plan. We put out an Annual Plan Consultation Document, to get your thoughts on these exceptions.

There are various reasons for this year’s proposed exceptions, including the August 2022 severe weather event. NCC have had to change ther work programme and, in some cases, change the timing of major projects because of this.

Of course, apart from these exceptions, what they have planned for the upcoming year three (2023-2024) continues as set out in the Long Term Plan

Please read NCC’s  Consultation Document or these web pages to learn about the changes. Most importantly, we want you to provide us with your views on whether we’ve got this right. The key areas where we want to hear from you are indicated in the submission form below.

Council is also consulting on proposed changes to some fees and charges for 2023/24 alongside consultation on the Annual Plan. The Statement of Proposal for changes to Council’s fees and charges can be seen here.

View the Annual Plan 2023-2024 Consultation Document here.

View the Supporting Financial Information here.

How to make a submission:

Make an online submission here.

Print out a version of the submission form – or add your own pages, here.

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