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Support Sustainable Transport: The NZ E-bike Rebate


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We are calling for the New Zealand Government to provide a rebate for the purchase of an electric bike.

The Clean Car rebate has most benefited those who can afford to buy a brand new EV, whereas a subsidised electric bike would be accessible to a much wider range of people.

Electric bikes are one of the lowest carbon forms of transport available, and are far more efficient and environmentally friendly than an EV. A typical e-bike has more electric range (usually over 60km) than a typical plug-in hybrid EV (usually around 50km), but uses a fraction of the materials and energy. Riding 100km on an e-bike costs a user less than 20c worth of electricity.

E-bikes also provide many other benefits including improved physical and mental health, reduced air pollution and traffic congestion, and less demand for expensive parking, roading and fuel imports.

Publicly funded e-bike incentives are becoming the norm internationally. There are dozens of incentive schemes for e-bikes in countries across Europe*. Even the United States is starting to roll out programmes, with one recent scheme in Denver so popular that 3 years worth of e-bike subsides were snapped up in just 6 months**

It is time for the New Zealand Government to support sustainable transport options for the majority of people“.

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