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Motueka West Plan Change – TDC Submission Opportunity



TDC have re-started work on the Motueka West Plan Change. The area has been reduced to reflect the Government’s Infrastructure Acceleration Funding area. The plan change area is shown in red below.

Motueka and the wider region have a growing population. The Plan Change land has been identified in the Nelson Tasman Future Development Strategy 2022 – 2052 for residential intensification to support the District’s future growth.

The intention is to change the residential rules to enable higher housing densities in the Plan Change area. This will make for more efficient use of land.

As part of the plan change process, the Council is currently undertaking informal engagement. The engagement is to gain an understanding of the community’s views on the reduced area, and the proposed policy approach to enable higher residential densities. The period for informal engagement is open until 2 June 2023.

Please contact Anna McKenzie at or on 03 543 7613 if you have any feedback

The features of the Plan Change for Motueka West are:

  • Changing the zoning from Rural 1 deferred Residential Zone to Residential Zone.
  • Inclusion of indicative future reserves and roads.
  • Allowing residential intensification using the existing TRMP Compact Density provisions with no minimum site area.
  • Strengthening policies that support increased residential density in the area.

Residential Compact Density provides for residential development at a higher density than a normal Residential Zone.

The TRMP already provides for some areas of compact density development within the Residential Zone. Within Motueka the existing Residential Compact Density Zone is shown below in the blue hashed area:

The Compact Density provisions that are currently included in the TRMP are summarised in the table below. The photos at the bottom of this page show recent examples of development which has used the TRMP Compact Density Provisions in parts of Richmond West.

Tasman Resource Management Plan – Compact Density Provisions
Subdivision Rule and Land Use Rule
Intent of provisions To ensure that smaller sites can be created in suitable locations and that development with a higher standard of shared amenity is achieved for these locations.
Consenting The subdivision consent, and site and building design (land-use consent) are to be applied for at the same time.
Individual site areas The existing rules do not have a minimum site area per dwelling (aside from Mapua Special Development Area at 200m2 and Motueka West Compact Density Residential Area 270m2). The intention is to remove the minimum site area applying in Motueka.
Development area size The development area that is used for Compact Density development must be a 1,500m2 or larger ‘greenfields’ site.
Current locations These provisions currently apply in Richmond South, Richmond West, Mapua Special development area, and Motueka West Compact Density Residential Area.

The Plan Change Process

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