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Education Group

As a community-based organization, we place high importance on supporting the younger members of our region. Our aim is to engage with students and educational organizations to support knowledge and action. This includes growing a shared understanding of climate impacts, individual and collective action, ‘Just Transition’, adaptation, and community resilience

The education group has contributed to a number of projects and events across the Forum including the Student Art Expo, Climate Fresk, and the Take the Jump Campaign. In 2023, we also participated in a local ‘Your Sustainable Schools’ event and Whenua Iti’s annual Tasman Mission.

The group is currently taking a break from regular meetings. Anyone keen to learn more, lend previous expertise, or join in this mahi are welcome to get in touch.

Join us

Come join our group! Contact Christina, our Volunteer Coordinator at the following address:

She’ll be in touch with you soon.

And if your favorite area of climate action isn’t represented, just let us know, as we may have some other volunteers waiting for more people to contribute in a similar way.

Projects relating to Education

Take The Jump

Climate Fresk

Other projects on the go

The Latest News

The Climate Action Book

The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum offers this plan for every citizen of our region — for individuals, households, businesses, farmers, schools and colleges, religious organisations, councils and iwi. We also hope to help other parts of Aotearoa to develop their own Climate Action Plans and contribute to the development of Climate Action Plans around the world.


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