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Transport Group

Welcome to the Transport Group! Moving people and things from point A to point B is a critical need in our modern society. Mobility is typically generated by fossil fuels with high greenhouse gas emissions as a consequence, but there are many ways to travel with reduced emission impacts.

Our vision is to work towards a Nelson Tasman region in which most people have significantly reduced their car usage and are getting around (safely) on foot, by bike, and by electric bus, while freight movements are reduced and moved to more efficient modes such as coastal shipping.

Our strategic areas of advocacy are:

  • Focus on moving people rather than cars.
  • Making active transport (cycling, walking) and public transit easier and safer options.
  • Denser cities and other design solutions that remove the need to drive.
  • Find lower-carbon ways to connect cities and rural areas.
  • Use road reserves as places to plant trees to sequester carbon.
  • Public campaign on the impact of transport emissions and benefits of active transport.
  • Connecting with like-minded people who care about reducing transport emissions.
  • Engaging with Nelson and Tasman Council Transport Staff to keep us up-to-date with progress.
  • Encouraging bike riding including promoting separated cycleways.
  • Helping establish a viable public transport system linking Tasman and Nelson towns.

The Group currently meets bi-monthly for meetings on Zoom. Anyone keen to learn more, lend previous expertise, or join in is welcome to get in touch.

Join us

Come join our group! Contact Christina, our Volunteer Coordinator at the following address:

She’ll be in touch with you soon.

And if your favorite area of climate action isn’t represented, just let us know, as we may have some other volunteers waiting for more people to contribute in a similar way.

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The Climate Action Book

The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum offers this plan for every citizen of our region — for individuals, households, businesses, farmers, schools and colleges, religious organisations, councils and iwi. We also hope to help other parts of Aotearoa to develop their own Climate Action Plans and contribute to the development of Climate Action Plans around the world.


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