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Waste Minimisation

Waste pollutes the land, the oceans and the waterways. It’s responsible for five percent of Aotearoa New Zealand’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. Tackling waste is a growing challenge both here and around the world with major implications for our environment, economy and how we live our lives. The solution to our waste problem lies with us becoming more efficient with the resources we use.

The strategic priorities of our group are:

  • Zero waste to landfill in Nelson and Tasman.
  • Materials and their embodied energy valued.
  • Engage the community in understanding the issues, changing our practices and exploring new solutions.
  • Engage with businesses and organisations in changing systems and taking responsibility for the full life cycle of what they create (product stewardship).
  • Lobby/support local and central government to implement change.

We hold regular face-to-face meetings with a Zoom option for those that can not attend in person. If you’re keen to join or want to learn more please email

Our group also hosts a monthly Repair Café in Nelson where heavily used household items such as toys, clothing, furniture, bikes and small electrical appliances (e.g. toasters & lamps, radios, phones, and computers) can be mended. Updates on Repair Café dates and news can be found on the Facebook page.

Join us

Come join our group! Contact Christina, our Volunteer Coordinator at the following address:

She’ll be in touch with you soon.

And if your favorite area of climate action isn’t represented, just let us know, as we may have some other volunteers waiting for more people to contribute in a similar way.

Projects relating to waste minimisation

Repair Cafe

Organic Waste in a Circular Economy

Other projects on the go

The Latest News

The Climate Action Book

The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum offers this plan for every citizen of our region — for individuals, households, businesses, farmers, schools and colleges, religious organisations, councils and iwi. We also hope to help other parts of Aotearoa to develop their own Climate Action Plans and contribute to the development of Climate Action Plans around the world.


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